What are the Investa Corp Limited Company's activities?

Investa Corp Limited is engaged in trading activities on the on the stocks trading, features trading and crypto-currency trading. The company’s income is generated by successfully executed trades on the interested market, our super successful strategy, generate a sure income and high percentages per hour!

Why does the company attract additional investments from private individuals?

Additional investments will allow to increase the number of transactions executed on the various markets, and thus will increase the overall profitability of the company. Investors in turn will receive certain percentage of profit depending on the amount of funds invested.

What are the advantages of the Investa Corp Limited over competitors?

Our goal is not to conduct the tough competition, but to receive a stable profit on the crypto-currency market using our own strategy. We have developed special investment packages with optimum service plans and affiliate program for passive income for investors.

What are the risks for Investa Corp Limited company's investors?

The risks for our investors are minimized due to the professional team, strong strategy and our experience. Each company’s investor will receive a hourly profit according to the terms of the investment plan that was chosen.

What do I need in order to start?

First, you should register on our web-site. The registration procedure is simple and will take just a few minutes. Fill all required fields in registration form, login to account, choose an optimum investment plan and deposit. After that you’ll become an official investor of the Investa Corp Limited Company and will receive a profit according to the service plan chosen.

Am I able to create multiple accounts on the web-site?

No, the multiple registrations on the web-site are forbidden. A single user can create only one account. You are warned, we block all multiple account and if some irregularity bring you extra earnings, we hold your deposits, do some calculation and refund your deposit minus what you have earned “illegally”.

What is the minimum payout?

Minumum payout is $1 (0.001, about $8 for cryptocurrencies instead) You can withdrawal even hourly, but keep in mind that you have 31 instant withdrawal each month, if you exceed that limit, we have to make payment manually.

Can i re-deposit after plan period end?

Obviously YES, you can do it, if you want avoid fees, directly from the deposit page and deposit from your earnings instead of choosing “deposit via gateways”.